About Djuna

A precocious child artist, Djuna perfected her technique in collaboration with renown southeastern residential professionals including architects John Shackelford and John Rentz, interior designers Mary-Bryan Peyer and Bonnie Dowling, as well as builders Mark McDonald and Richard White. Her murals were featured in Southern Accents Magazine and numerous local publications from across the southeast's colonial coast, ranging from Georgia's Golden Isles to Florida's St. Augustine. Her wall treatments range from abstract faux finishes and whimsical children's room themes to her specialty of ecological scenes recreated with Audobon-like accuracy. Meticulous visual research has sometimes included Djuna taking hundreds of photographs from diverse locales just for a single project. Djuna is also certified in plaster stenciling and other specialties by the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes.

man in gray jacket standing on stair